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Autonomous Networking

The traditional, hierarchical data center network is an outdated architecture that is expensive, rigid, and painful to own.

  • It does not scale readily alongside storage and compute, and does not easily support east-west traffic.
  • While storage and compute costs flatten out or diminish as data centers grow, networking stays high or even increases.
  • Environmental pressure, both ethical and economic, will drive requirements for reduced power, air, and floor space.

In fact, the traditional networking architecture is about to hit a wall.

About us

This is Rockport Networks in stealth mode

Rockport Networks identified the need for faster, more scalable, and environmentally-sustainable networking options for data centers.

We operate in a market where every week seems to bring new products and product enhancement announcements. It’s our opinion that these are merely incremental improvements to a flawed premise: the hierarchical network architecture.

While storage and computing technologies have experienced tremendous advances, networking has been largely stuck in a less-evolved state. Not any more.

Relationships = validation


When you’re breaking new ground, it helps to have partners who share your vision and support it with resources, collaboration and funding.

Rockport Networks is working with a number of top-shelf strategic partners. We can’t talk about them yet, but soon.

What Autonomous Networking can do for you

Depending on your data center applications and configuration, here are some of the improvements you can expect. Not to mention how cool our new approach is.
Reduce power consumption
Reduce networking costs
Reduce network latency
Improve analytics performance


Come to work every day, knowing your efforts are helping shape a faster, cleaner option for the unrelenting growth in the world’s storage and processing of data.


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